July 18, 2020

Alexa in the Kitchen

Alexa in the Kitchen

Amazon's Little Help Can Really Be Useful in the Kitchen

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I have an Amazon Alexa in almost every room of my house. I find her quite helpful. Now in the kitchen she can be even more helpful in conversions, but also if you have an Amazon show (I just purchased the Amazon Show 8) you can watch cooking shows and pause and resume with your voice (and not get the screen all icky).


Amazon gives a full year free to the Food network. I checked it out and its cool because:


  • You can see what people are doing
  • Cool search feature
  • No commericals
  • You can watch what someone is doing so if they mince some garlic and you are "You did what to what?" now you can see. It's like free cooking classes.


This is where an Amazon show can come in handy. I just purchased an Amazon show 8. It's on sale for $89.


Finding and Organizing Recipes

The one thing I thought was missing was (unless I missed it) an easy way to get a recipe of what I just watched. I searched for the "Delicious Miss Brown" and the name of the recipe and google did the rest. I then imported all of that information into my plan to eat app which then makes my shopping list along with my meal plan.


I found this very cool, and a HUGE time saver.


Here is the video

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