Nov. 11, 2020

Colgin Liquid Smoke Makes Things Tatsy

Colgin Liquid Smoke Makes Things Tatsy

When you try new things you get new tastes

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With it getting cold where I live, I can keep grilling outside. I had known about Luquid smoke but had never used it. I've used it twice and I have a sneaking suspicion I will be putting it on everything. I put it on some chicken thighs and it gave a bit of that "off the grill taste" but for me the one that I can wait to try again was when I put two frozen Talapia Fillets from Walmat on my George Forman grill.


This created a taste I had never had before, and I will be adding this to my frequently used list. It's a quick dinner, and I loved the flavor. You can get a two pack and try them both.


Make Your Sure Indoor Smokeless Grill is Smokeless

I saw the reviews on YouTube and other place on the Power XL Smokeless Grill. It looks good. Sounds fun, but the price was up there. What did I do, I started bouncing around amazon and went for the Amazon Recommends purchase of a Hamilton beach for half the price. The problem is its not a smokeless grill. With this in mind, if the goal is to by an indoor grill that is smokless, make sure it says so in the description. The Hamilton Beach is a nice grill, but just because it has a hood does not mean the smoke/steam magically disappear.


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