May 30, 2020

Getting and Storing Spices

Getting and Storing Spices

Your kitchen starter kit

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You don't want to be in the middle of cooking something and go, "Oh man, I need a ____." I've been there done that. Its frustrating so today I found some "Kitchen Starter Kits" that can help you out without breaking bank.

Home Hero Kitchen Utensil Set

BEST VALUE FOR MONEY AROUND - this fully comprehensive high quality utensil set is available at an incredibly low price.

This has all the measuring cups, peeler, spatual, spoons, and more.

Digital Scale

If the recipe calls for 1.5 lbs of something, this comes in handy

Silicone Grilling Gloves

I LOVE MINE. I feel so much safer. Unlike oven mits, these help me grip the pots and pans I'm holding and yet, I'm safe from being burned.

Ninja Food Chopper Express Chop  

I love mine. It chops things soooo fast.

What About Spices?

Spices can get expensive. It seems frustrating as you pay $5 for a jar the size of your palm that you end up using once. I visited the Dollar General / Family Dollar stores and picked up some of the spices in the recipes I was creating (more on that in the next episode).

Storing Spices

In many cases the spice jars all look the same, and are the same size. This means looking in your cabinet its hard to take inventory of what you have (so you don't buy a spice that you already have).

If you've got counter space, there are spice racks, and some rotate.

In my case I have a very short short and very narrow (9" x 9"). So some of these greatlazy Susan (spinning shelves) don't fit,

The cabinet caddycan help you easily pull out shelves of spices (or food) and put them back. Again, it makes it easy to take inventory.

I like the idea of these Spice Grippers that you stick the back of your kitchen cabinet door and then hang the spice there. These are also inexpensive. I am a little worried about the jars falling out. I'm going to order these and give them a test.


Plan to eat is a great recipe organizer, meal planner, and shopping list creator. Right now you can try plan to eat for 30 days free - you don't even enter a credit card - and if you decide to subscribe its only $5 a month or $39 a year. Plan to eat makes meal planning a breeze. Check it out at

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