Nov. 29, 2020

Quick, Yummy Friend Egg Sandwhiches

Quick, Yummy Friend Egg Sandwhiches

Great Tasting Sandwiches in about 15 minutes that are less than $1

For me, I need my food to be warm. Even when I make a salad I throw warmed up chicken into it. (see the "Not Chipotle" episode. One of my vices is the Egg McMuffin. Why? Because I rarely get an Egg McMuffin without getting the grease sponge that is the McDonald's Hash Browns, and a Coke the size of my head. So how can I make one at home?

I bought a Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, and was surprised how well it works. The idea is you put a muffin in the top, one in the bottom and an egg in the middle. There is a play that separates the muffins (and the surface that cooks the egg) when its ready, you gab a handle and it (more or less) pulls the rug out from under the egg and it lands on your muffin.

For me, I need my muffins toasted and while the muffin is warm, I didn't feel it was toasted. So I improvised.

It takes 3.5 minutes to warm up and 8 minutes to cook the 2 eggs solid (quicker if you use one egg).

So I use my Amazon Alexa all the time. She's very hand in the kitchen. So I will have her set a timer for four minutes. Then I know the sandwich maker is ready. I come in crack two eggs, and poke them with a fork to break the yolk. I set another time for four minutes (as it takes four minutes to make toast). When the alarm goes off, I come in and start my toast, poor myself some water, and get out the butter.

When the toast pops up, I better it and check the eggs (and by this time they are solid). I put my spatula under the egg and slide the handle to the left and egg falls on my spatula. I then plop it on to my toast, and take the second piece of toast and I'm done.

An Inexpensive Sandwich

With the bread costing $3. a loaf and $1.29 for a dozen of eggs, I get a sandwich for 52 cents.

It's about 365 calories with 20G of protein, 19 net cards, and 21 grams of fat. I also find it fairly filling, and quite yummy (I put some salt on the egg). You have one dish, and the sandwich maker is one of the few nonstick items I own that has stayed non stick.

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