June 27, 2020

NOT Chipotle

NOT Chipotle

A quick filling meal in less than five minues

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This week I played with the "not so" Instant Pot and found that if you want hard-boiled eggs that are, well, HARD you need to cook them on high for 10 minutes.

I cut up some carrots and put them in for 10 but they were not "mushy." These are probably 2-3 inches pieces (not like the slices you get normally). Also I left the skin on (but washed them carrot) and I love the texture and this will give you more fiber.


This is a dish I created one night when I took a bunch of stuff similar to the things I eat at Chipotle and put them into a bowl. Here is my recipe in plan to eat https://www.plantoeat.com/recipes/24547340/


SPONSOR: Plan to Eat

A great app to create, organize and use recipes. You can drag a recipe on to the calendar which then adds it to your shopping list. I love it.

Here is my recipe for "not chipotle" https://www.plantoeat.com/recipes/24547340/

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