June 13, 2020

Turkey Meatloaves and the "New to Cooking" Attitude

Turkey Meatloaves and the

Doing Meatloaf when you fly solo - and learning where the on/start button is

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Today I'm talking about making Turkey Meatloaf (or in my case meatloaves) see https://www.plantoeat.com/recipes/6904286/

Organize your recipes using the Plan to Eat website and app.

What I needed to create this

Mixing Bowl

Muffin Pan

Digital meat thermometer

What I Learned

That a digital meat thermometer is good to have to make sure your meat is done.

I also have to press the "On/Start" button after dialing in the temperature on my oven. (Yep... that's true). I also continue to say the best tool so far is my Silicone Grilling Gloves

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The New Cooks Mentality

I haven't really created anything (I've been at this a whole two weeks) that has had me go WOW - I need to make another pot of that NOW.

Don't get discouraged if this is you as well. Just trying things in my instant pot I found a bit frustrating. You might be like Goldilocks and the three bears. The first time you cook something, it's not done. The second time you cook you burn it. The third time is just right.

This makes you truly appreciate good food - but have faith. You can do this and continue to save money, save time, and be healthier.

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